Online Policy Group Board Meeting Minutes: July 27, 2023

Meeting Minutes

  1. WelcomeandIntroductions

    Attending: James Hankie (new), Roger Klorese (continuing Executive Director /President), Stardust Doherty (continuing Secretary /Treasurer)

    Quorum achieved
  1. ApprovedAgenda unanimously
  2. Approved Bylaws unanimously (attached)
  3. Board Representation (accepted unanimously resignation of board member David Haney effective as of this meeting, other continuing board members unanimously confirmed, new member James Hankie unanimously elected)
  4. Finances
    ° FY2022-2023 Report (attached)
    ° Fundraising ($1,000 board donation pledged, fundraising letter for planned campaign) ° Approved Credit Union Resolution (attached)
  5. Online Services
    53 email domains
    172 email lists (144 for QueerNet, 21 for OPG, 7 for OPG administration, total not including email lists hosted on client domains)
    72 websites hosted
    48 domain registrations
    New project: Faerie Reliquary and Family Photo Archive
  6. NextMeeting: 12 noon Pacific time on Saturday, July13, 2024

Minutes recorded and approved by:

Stardust Doherty Secretary

On date: July 27,2023

(PDF of Minutes) (PDF of Financial Report) (PDF of Bylaws)

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