GivingTuesday – Count Us In

I know we’re all exhausted already by the commercial holiday season, and there’s more ahead. But one important part of the season is GivingTuesday and the chance to help keep organizations like ours, who depend completely on donations of funds (from people like you) and labor (from people like us) to deliver services, online and active.

You can, of course, donate at any time, using the directions here. But we have a special opportunity now, to raise matching funds from Facebook. (No comments right now about politics or privacy – while that would align with aspects of our mission, we also know that many people have accounts there, and besides, separating Internet billionaires from their money for a good cause is always appropriate…)

Here’s a link to our GivingTuesday fundraiser, which is eligible for matching funds. We know that money may be tight now, especially this year, but if you can, please make your money go further by giving through this tool.

Thanks, and we hope your days ahead are brighter.

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