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One Internet with Equal Access for All
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Online Policy Group Testimonials

Have a look at some of the testimonials from those who have benefitted from and/or recognize the importance of OPG programs and services.

"I would recommend OPG services, because free webpages and maintenance are totally needed right now. You need a web presence and for them to fight to maintain that freedom on the web, along with their other services--it's an immense value to our civil rights community and, I can imagine, other communities."
Rico Oyola, Project Director, California Coalition for Civil Rights

"I have personally seen the impact of OPG's services. OPG plays an integral role in the day-to-day operations of our Community Center, providing multiple services to our constituents. This service is invaluable to us, as it allows us to build community in a safe, privacy-protected space. I believe that the Online Policy Group will lead the way across the digital divide for underserved citizens of the Bay Area and beyond, and strongly encourage foundations and other funders to support its important efforts."
Brian Cheu, formerly of The SF LGBT Community Center and LYRIC

"We hold, twice-a-year, face-to-face weekend seminars, but our primary way of disseminating information is through OPG's email list. This way, we are able to provide basic sexual information while allowing women who aren't completely ready to come out with their sexual practices, safely and anonymously... Many women feel very comfortable writing to the e-list that OPG set up, saying thank you for doing this. There are just so many things for which people are really relieved."
J.C. Homola, Webmaster, Women's Educational Board

"Being a depressed and oppressed area, getting people to some of this [OPG-supported] technology is difficult. In this area, people are doing drugs, getting killed, and in the middle of all of this chaos, we have this place, and people can come in and feel that this is the safe place for them to come, that their kids can come."
Alvin Hall, Technology Access Manager/ Product Manager, Plugged In

"As a bi-man I was pretty outgoing, but when I became trans I kind of went back in the closet.... When out in public, I was scared that people were going to kill me. It got to the point in which I was going to do get support or kill myself... Triangle was a way for me to get clicked into the community and to draw on some of the experiences, to get support and encouragement.... I was really jazzed to find OPG on the net.... Social and emotional resources, I think, are a lot harder to obtain for people of lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Having internet access is important because people can be more easily connected and can find support."
Katrina Muller, Facilitator, Triangle Transgender Support

"To a lot of our athletes, often times there aren't very many options....Through being involved with a team and being encouraged...they've kind of come out of their shell and they've gotten something to do....We looked around several websites and found OPG. The most beneficial thing is that we have been able to significantly reduce our hosting charges. We spread information of Special Olympics to probably about 15,000 athletes, coaches and volunteers, and the website is the primary way in which they get training times for the weeks, events that are going on, fundraisers, as well as a host of resources on coaching materials. This allows us to push this information out onto a very broad area."
Judith Powell, Chief Information Officer, Special Olympics Northern California

"East Bay Voice really represents the future power of forming communities through cost-effective, online means. Certainly, OPG is very similar to us in ideals and makes a lot of our community possible."
Merle Yost, Executive Director, East Bay Voice

"I can't say enough about the importance of the existence of such an organization [OPG] that is dedicated to helping and not hindering community communication through the Internet."
Kay Y. James, Lamorinda Peace Group

"OPG is doing a wonderful thing. It has incredible insight into non-profits and their needs….Punk Rock Orchestra, for example, didn't even exist. In this case, OPG was a stimulator for the creation of their website. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been possible…. Sometimes just existing inspires people. With OPG, artists have been inspired to express themselves because now they have a viable outlet for doing so."
David Ferguson, Executive Director, Institute For Unpopular Culture

"I want to thank the Online Policy Group and Mr. Altman for their great generosity. And, I want to emphasize again that the services that the Online Policy Group provide are invaluable to small start up non-profits."
Dylan Vade, Transgender Law Center

"It is exciting now that OPG has helped the AIDS website broaden out to something that will affect civilization. Every now and then Will puts out a list of what OPG plans to do or is doing, and it's great stuff. Very few groups are even attempting to do it in the way that it does. And that, I would support. I expect very good things to develop out of OPG."
Ben Gardiner, AIDS Info BBS Website

"Online Policy Group provides me with a free mailing list and website host...because my low (disability) income cannot afford me such luxuries. If it weren't for the dedicated folks at OPG, I know that getting my own words out in cyberspace (as a queer activist of many years), would be quite difficult, if not impossible...I realize that OPG is benefiting many other individuals and non-profits in like manner. For which reason they deserve every grant and donation that comes their way."
Zeke Krahlin

"OPG is hosting our website for free and has been doing so for two years. Whenever we have basic website issues, dealing with hosting or domain registry, OPG has helped us with that. The website was critical. It was a very important part of our program and continues to be... We didn't even need to do any research, as we knew that OPG could provide it for us. We would not have been able to afford to pay for that service."
Dalya Massachi, Executive Director, Bay Area International Development Organizations

"If you take a look at UVSA, it is more my life. It isn't work. It is so great that OPG is providing such a valuable service for us. We would not be able to afford the costs of decent bandwidth otherwise."
Minh Nguyen, Union of Student Vietnamese Associations of Southern California

"I have been on and off the [OPG] BayAreaFaeries elist group for the last year or two and want to state that it has been a substantial resource for connecting me to local faery community events and movements of concern and value in terms of 'what's going on'. Ours is a large and diverse community and trying to accomplish this thorough level of awareness and information by phone or snail mail would indeed be daunting, if even possible. This list strengthens us immeasurably."
Heron Saline, San Francisco Bay Area Faeries

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