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Research: Blocking Technology Analysis
This page presents surveys, testing, and other resources related to Internet blocking technology products.

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Blocked Search Engines and Web Directories List
A list of search engines and web directories that provide blocking options, Online Policy Group, October 6, 2000

The Online Policy Group also tracks legislative and policymaking efforts related to blocking technology and Internet access, as well as cataloging a wide variety of blocking technology and other Internet technology problems and bloopers in the Online Oddities and Atrocities Museum.

Check out the Media Coverage on Internet blocking companies and products, as well as links to Additional Resources below.

Media Coverage

FilterGate, or Knowing What We're Walling In or Walling Out
A humorous and insightful essay on the problems associated with Internet blocking, MultiMedia Schools, May 1, 2001

Programmer Finds Filtering System Too Diligent
Coverage of a report released by a computer programmer, which found N2H2 software overblocks sites including those with useful information, CNET News, October 24, 2000

Additional Resources

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Peacefire has an excellent selection of reports on various blocking technology products, a blocking software FAQ, and lots of other useful information, such as documentation of the vulnerability of blocking technology to simple workarounds by children.


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