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Issue: Online Access
A great and visionary promise of Internet technology is the idea of universal access, that is, the ability of all people whereever they are on the planet to have access to a wide variety of helpful information, resources, and community online. Internet technology may also make it possible for everyone to publish or broadcast information, whether intended for a specific community or for worldwide dissemination.

Until the promise of universal access is achieved, online access involves issues and other technological, social and political conditions that either impede access or make the Internet more widely available to the general public:

Direct Access Through the Online Policy Group
The Online Policy Group provides donation-based email list hosting, web site hosting, and domain registration directly to individuals and groups from communities that are underserved, underrepresented, or who face bias, discrimination, or defamation online through its PLUSnet and QueerNet projects

Colocation Project
A non-profit colocation facility for individuals, open source projects, non-profit organizations, and independent researchers

Broadband / Cable
Open access and open content

Blocking Technology
Internet blocking technology, especially in public schools and libraries

Content Rating Systems

Search Engines

Government Regulation of Internet Free Speech

Corporate Regulation of Internet Free Speech

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