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Issue: Online Access: Free Speech and Corporate Content Policies
While some corporations guarantee the right to view, publish, and broadcast information on the Internet without any restrictions other than those required by law, many have policies and procedures that block Internet free speech.

Check out the Media Coverage on examples of corporate blocking of Internet users, as well as links to Additional Resources below.

For information on issues related to Internet blocking software and content rating systems, see the online access section.

Media Coverage

Employers Call Internet Filtering 'Absolute Necessity'
More than 75 percent of U.S. employers say that they need to use Internet blocking and monitoring technology to "combat" personal use of the Internet by workers during business hours, Newsbytes, May 31, 2001

Yahoo Goes Beyond Initial Plan Against Adult Sites
Yahoo continues removal of sexual content from its site including making chat rooms and clubs harder to find while representatives of free speech organizations explain that First Amendment covers only government censorship of speech, New York Times, May 16, 2001, (Free registration required to view article)

Freedom Forum Event in NYC on First Amendment and the Net
Agenda of Freedom Forum event posted by Declan McCullagh, politechbot.com, March 21, 2001
Related media coverage: Declan McCullagh's photographs

Additional Resources

French Auschwitz Group Seeks Symbolic Yahoo Damages
French representatives of Nazi concentration camp inmates filed a suit against the head of Yahoo! Inc. on Monday, claiming a symbolic one franc (15 U.S. cents) of damages for the U.S. Internet giant's alleged justification of war crimes, Reuters, January 22, 2001.

AOL logo
AOL Boots Gay Newspaper Site
According to a newsletter for gay and lesbian press professionals, America Online booted a web site for Memphis-based publication The Triangle Journal News, PressPassQ, November 17, 2000.

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